Axxophone1 Axxophone is both entertaining and educational and with it you can make sounds and manipulate them with the built-in accelerometer. In addition, you feed the sound into effects as groups of delays and reverb.

With "Axxophone" you can create sounds ranging from soft flute sounds to sounds from a howling electric guitar. All depending on how you hold and move your device.

Axxophone is a tone generator based on the divisions of the octave and with an intuitive interface - retro - knobs and wheels set in a futuristic environment.

You can work with the western division: 12 tones per octave - the "Well - Tempered" division or a 7 tone division which sounds very much like folk music.

The 24 tones per octave division is used in classical Indian music and the steps are referred to as "shruti". Odd divisions like 19 tones per octave invite you to produce alien sounds together with the accelerometer.

With the 1 tone per octave division in combination with the accelerometer you generate sounds reminding you of electronic music from the 1960:s or music effects from ancient sci-fi films.

The octave is normally 2 i.e. you double the frequency for every octave - in Axxophone this is not sacred. Choose 2.13 for octave and you will get a "stretched" octave which sounds very unfamiliar. Choose 1.87 for a "compressed" octave and experience the sounds coming out from that.

As all parameters are controlled with "wheels" which are multi touch sensitive it invites you to experiment freely and produce very complex sounds.

In combination with Garage Band or Logic you enter the path of a modern composer, composing works that never ever before were heard.

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Axxophone - What does it sound like?